Untangling the Knots of Employee-Benefits Planning

Saratoga Benefit Services understands your dilemma as an employer. You want to provide exceptional benefits that attract top-tier talent and make your employees happy, but you also want to control expenses. Assisting our clients with strategic benefits-planning that includes creative, cost-saving options is what we do best.

Our priority is providing business owners with the benefits package best suited to their employees’ personal needs at a level of service that’s rarely seen in the healthcare insurance industry. We will guide you through the maze of coverage options and the constantly changing rules and regulations of complying with the Affordable Care Act. Our caring approach to client relationships is an instinct we think of as maternalistic. We’ll know when you need some hand-holding while making the tough health care decisions you’d rather not.

A consultative-centric company, Saratoga Benefits spends significant time assessing cost-analysis scenarios for its clients. It’s not only what an employer is willing to pay for its benefits plan—it’s also the cost to employees.

All Saratoga Benefits clients have access to these services:

  • Strategic planning of medical, dental, life, disability, and voluntary insurance coverage
  • Alternate-funding analysis (self-insurance)
  • Rate and plan negotiation
  • Network analysis and comparison
  • Contribution analysis
  • Compliance assessment
  • Health care reform updates
  • Employee communication and education: new-hire kits, HR 360 online resource center, monthly e-newsletter

Optional services:

  • Custom benefits portal (website)
  • Payroll services and PEO solutions
  • COBRA administration
  • Online enrollment
  • Billing reconciliation and consolidation

Depending on the number of employees participating in your benefits plan, we’re able to offer the optional online enrollment and custom portal as complimentary services.

We support your benefits plan by:

  • Implementing the selected carrier/plan
  • Addressing compliance issues
  • Processing additions, deletions, and changes to the plan
  • Resolving all claims issues
  • Answering benefits and coverage questions
  • Resolving billing and enrollment issues

Our collective years of insurance-industry experience and our extensive network of carrier relationships are what first attract clients. What transforms new clients into longtime ones is that we care. You will rarely, if ever, be shunted into the black hole of business voicemail when calling Saratoga Benefits with a question or concern. Call us – we answer our phones!

To schedule a confidential, no-obligation discussion regarding your company’s current benefits plan, please contact us at 856-642-2949.