What Customers Are Saying

“Amy and the team at Saratoga Benefits put together multiple quotes and provided support in our decision-making when our small business wanted to make a change in health insurance carrier.  As laypersons, we need the expertise offered by Saratoga Benefits to understand our options.  Amy came to our office and presented to our personnel, graciously spending time to answer everyone’s questions, and then followed up with multiple emails to ensure that all of our concerns were addressed.

We absolutely would not be as informed and confident in our healthcare decisions without Amy and her staff members.”

— E.B.S. Builders

“Amy Webb has been a valued advisor for our firm for over 15 years. Amy and her staff keep us abreast of changes that affect our benefit programs.  They are extremely knowledgeable and responsive.  When our employees have questions about their healthcare benefits that we cannot answer for them, Amy has been there time and time again with the answers.

For any questions that come up during the course of business (health or insurance benefits-related), Amy is on hand to answer them for us, and she is able to direct us to take the proper course of action necessary for each situation.

She is an asset to our company, and we feel very fortunate to be able to rely on her as a trusted counselor.”

— Rustie Zerby

“I have been working with Amy Webb for about 10 years. She has guided us through our healthcare decisions, helped us stay within required guidelines and helped us decide to provide healthcare for our employees. I think if I didn’t have the professional guidance Amy has provided, I would have dropped our company plan long ago. I am not happy with the governing of our healthcare, and for the government to take over the guidance proves that it will make it even harder on small businesses like ours. Please do not add another layer of government on small business.”

— Jennifer Drazga

“Saratoga Benefits has been supporting our company and employees for several years.  We need extra support to navigate the constantly shifting state of the health insurance industry.  We rely on Amy Webb’s knowledge and communication with insurance companies to fulfill our needs.”

— Lynn Pechinski

“Amy Webb has been a godsend to my company.  As a small-business owner, healthcare challenges and changes are a norm.  By having a broker involved, I can concentrate on my business model and count on my broker to update me when I need to know changes and information in the insurance world.  If one thing is constant, it is change, and I am grateful to have a person looking out for my business.  It would be a crime to eliminate brokers within the insurance industry.”

— Lynn Tighe

“Amy has played an intricate part in our firm choosing the insurance plans that best suit our needs as a small business.  Without Amy and her staff deciphering the extremely complicated health insurance law’s jargon and complexities, we would not be able to provide the comprehensive plans we currently offer to our staff.  Implementing a government-run system would have an adverse effect on most businesses that depend on individual care and broker assistance.  This is exactly what Saratoga Benefits has provided to our firm over the last several years.”

— Charlene Hurley

“Saratoga Benefits helped me understand my choices when picking an insurance program.  They keep us informed when there are changes to our benefits.  Working directly online with the government can be difficult, and our broker provides a good third-party option.  The brokers help us understand the complexities of the insurance companies that we would not be able to have elsewhere.”

— Allen Aaron