Carrier Information

Saratoga Benefit Services’ strong network of carrier relationships guarantees we will match your employees’ benefits needs with a health care insurance provider that also fits your budget.

When partnered with Saratoga Benefits, you’ll never again endure the frustration of putting together your employees’ medical benefits in piecemeal fashion. We’ll make all the necessary phone calls to the insurance carriers and handle the due diligence for you. All you need to do is provide insight regarding your company’s anticipated budget and comprehensive benefits needs. We’ll provide a detailed analysis so that you can secure the best coverage available, at a cost you and your employees can live afford.

Again, Saratoga Benefits represents you and your business, not the insurance companies. We can work with ANY insurance carrier in the U.S., regardless of physical location. Our longstanding carrier partnerships include:

Whether you’re a seasoned benefits administrator or new to this responsibility, Saratoga Benefits will provide all the empathy and attention you need to do right by your employees and your financial obligations.