Why Choose Us

Employee-benefits brokers are plentiful. The health care insurance rates they offer rarely differ. So what is it about Saratoga Benefit Services, LLC that creates loyal clients? We distinguish ourselves in nuanced ways, confirming that a caring business philosophy (some might call it maternalistic) prevails over hard-sell tactics.

Our goals are to craft the ideal strategy for your company’s benefits plan while becoming a trusted advisor within the circle of professionals that includes your attorney and accountant. Saratoga Benefits serves you best in a collaborative environment. An isolated viewpoint focused solely on a benefits “checklist” is no way to establish a relationship.

Once we know what’s most important to you and your employees, we make recommendations for your benefits package as if we’re planning it for ourselves and our family members. Then there’s our thoroughness when educating clients’ employees about their health care and other benefits. On-site educational meetings are not cookie-cutter tasks we mark as “done” on a to-do list. We explain all selected benefits using clear, easy-to-understand language.

The professional relationships we cultivate extend beyond benefit payroll deductions, employee contributions, and medical co-pays. Our clients become our friends. And if by chance we are already friends, we hope to gain you as a client.

Another reason clients remain with us is our ability to simplify the benefits-administration process and eliminate layers of tedious paperwork. We accomplish this by creating an optional online shopping experience as part of your benefits plan. Depending on the number of employees participating in the plan, we’re able to offer this as a complimentary service.

Saratoga Benefits takes ownership of initiating a client’s benefit plan and making it functional, not just developing it. We will never abruptly transfer activation of the plan’s logistics to your HR director’s or office manager’s already weighted-down shoulders.

We don’t shy away from admitting our approach to servicing clients is friendly and familylike. You will rarely, if ever, be shunted into the black hole of business voicemail. Have a question? Call us – we answer our phones!

To schedule a confidential, no-obligation discussion regarding your company’s current benefits plan, please contact us at 856-642-2949.